Bet3000 with Special Bonus Offer

Customers of bet3000 you can currently on the Champions League betting game to take part and a free bet in the value of 100 Euro. To do this, you must enter your tips on the semi-final games back on 3. and 4. May 2016. In the play is about your entry into the final of the Champions League so that you can run out of exciting games.

In two lots between FC Bayern Munich vs. Atletico Madrid” and “Real Madrid vs. Manchester City”, everything is still open. In the first leg of the Bavaria had a 0:1 defeat, the other section is separated in a 0:0. Therefore all teams are both still hot contender for entry into the Champions League Final.

With bet3000 bonus

want to secure customers from the bet3000 Action benefit, you will need to use a tip on the lots between “Real Madrid vs. Manchester City” and “FC Bayern Munich vs. Atletico Madrid”. To do this, you must first register for the action and their submitted tips by means of a confirmation e-mail to confirm. When two right tips is the customer a 100 euro free bet will be credited. For a correct tip is the customer a 10 Euro Free Bet.

Customers must be in the mask on the website of the bookmaker their tips for lots of entries and can thus contribute to the action. It is important that players on both Champions League Submit Tips, otherwise you are not qualified for the action. Players meet the conditions do not, you will not be able to bet3000 Bonus. The action is only for players from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Customer cards users are excluded from the action.
For the bonus the following conditions must be met

customers can only participate in the action, if they fulfill the rules of participation and on both sections of the Champions League. Participation in the betting game is free. For a valid participation players need your e-mail address with which you have registered at the bookmaker. If customers get an error message at this point, you will not be able to participate in the action because their tips are not evaluated. Players can take part in the action, if your tips to 3. May 2016 at 20:00 and filed by confirmation e-mail has been confirmed.

The maximum bonus amount is 100 Euro in the form of a Free Bet. Players must have submitted two correct tips. It should only be a real tip, players can a 10 Euro Free Bet. The benefit amount can not be paid out immediately, but is subject to the relevant conditions through the game of the bookmaker. The credits are made up to the 6. May 2016 on the respective customer account. But if the suspicion that winner fraudulent acts, reserves of the bookmakers the right to the players of the action to exclude the bonus will retain.